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CFO Services

Why Hire a Part-time CFO?
  • LOWER COST                           Many businesses don't need a full-time CFO which could cost $90,000 to $120,000 + Benefits
  • MORE TIME                              We give the business owner more time to do what they do best - focus on core business
                                                          development & customers
  • IMPROVED DECISIONS          Understanding the numbers and what they mean are critical to making better and less 
                                                           costly decisions 
  • A SOUNDING BOARD            To help you with tough business decisions & improve your business and operations
  • PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE  Financial controls, forecasting cash needs, preparing for bank financing

Understand, Track, & Improve

the 9 drivers that move your business and review

company trends




Compare your numbers to your competition  on a financial level



Forecast Profit Break-even

and Cash Flow Needs




Plan Sales Goals

Control Expenses

Capital needs

Risk Management

Systems Development




Package Preparation                   Client Representation



Access to

Community Resources

Professional Networks

New Markets

Program Design

COST                                 A flat fee for all CFO services - There are 3 pricing options to support your needs


TIME COMMITMENT      Weekly contact is important for the success of your business

The Bottom Line is...

To support business owners so they can improve the value of their business, improve profitability, save time, and at the end of

the day have less headaches.


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