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Employee Engagement



Are Co-Workers not getting Along?                    Are there Customer Service Issues?                Quality not what it should be?   

Benefits of Engagement
  • 86% will recommend the company’s products and services to their family and friends
  • 79% See managers as a person not just a boss
  • 82% Motivated by performance & recognition
  • Engaged employees are 2X more productive
Engaged Employee Traits


  • Believe in the organization

  • Have the "Desire" to work to make things better

  • Understand the business context and the bigger picture

  • Are respectful

  • Are willing to go the extra mile

  • Stay up to date with developments within their industry

Costs of Disengagement


  • 73% Social media usage on company time & play games, sleep, socialize too much

  • 69% Do not feel appreciated

  • 25% Spend time looking for jobs and will quit in less  than 1 year

Problems of Disengagement


  • Lower Sales

  • Poor Moral

  • Low Member Loyalty

  • Member Satisfaction


  • High Absenteeism

  • More Turnover

  • Diminishing Profitability


  • Building Trust and Employee Appreciation

  • Communication and Meeting Alignment

  • Company Culture Enrichment, Mission & Vision


  • Owner Strength and Weakness Assessment

  • Leadership Team Development & Clarity

  • Goal Setting and Achievement                                      

On The Executive Level: Trust, Communication, and Culture


On The Manager Level: Coaching, Performance, & Feedback


  • Manager Skill Set Assesment & Training

  • Social Style & Leadership Training

  • Interviewing & Hiring the Right People                      

  • Defining Job Descriptions & Onboarding 

  • Performance Appraisals & Giving  Feedback 

  • Employee Recognition Programs                      

On The Individual Level: Training, Accountability, & Action



  • Employee Skill Set Assesment

  • Sales Training

  • Service Training

  • Time Management

  • Team Bulding Solutions

  • Employee Long Term Goals                                              

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