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Credit Union & Bank Technology Solutions

Design and Build - TECH  ​​


A 4 billion dollar bank in Hawaii needed to increase sales and find an easier way for employees to sell their products and services to their customers. Many of the banks sellers couldn't find information, product knowledge, training, handouts, promotions, the most recent application, and the application and booking process. I designed a two platforms for the bank: 1) Personal products and services, 2) Business products and services. They have been using the system for the past 6 years.


The Results:

  • We saved a 1,000 people hours per month in trying to find information necessary for employees to function

  • We made it easier to take the client through (product information, application, process, and booking)

  • Departments and front line staff were all trained to file updates in the same place thus the most current information was always communicated

  • Increased revenue by having a sales force that could immediately take the client through the Features and Benefits process


Design and Build - TRAINING


Many banks have about 18% employee turnover rate to lower this trend I created the following systems

  • Employee training system - designed to go from bottom up approach

  • Employee Onboarding system for new employee



If you have a problem, we might have the solution to increasing sales and employee training and us.


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